Kinetic Flow on The Art of Life with Willow Chang

Kinetic Flow has had the pleasure of joining Willow Chang on her Show The Art of Life to discuss their 2015 Fringe Festival Show Go With The Flow You can check out the full interview below which also features the marvelous cast of Money Talks:

Kinetic Flow’s Go With The Flow reviewed by Tracy Chan

In 2015 Kinetic Flow wrote and produced a two man show entitled Go With The Flow. Choreographing five entirely new circus acts, writing their own script and recording much of their own audio, the duo showcased the full range of their abilities; Juggling, 8-Rings Manipulation, Acrobatics, Whips, Comedy, the works, in an hour long extravaganza. They performed two sold out shows: a late night adult show on the opening night of the festival at Next Door in Honolulu, and a kid friendly afternoon matinee on the festival’s closing day at Marks Garage. To read a review of Kinetic Flow’s 2015 Fringe Festival Show, Go With The Flow, please read Tracy Chan’s article for Frolic Hawaii.

Kinetic Flow on Samurai Innovations

Kinetic Flow also had the luck of running into Shane Fielder of Samurai Innovations during one of their practices, where he asked them the thought process behind their practice methods. Check out what they had to say below: