Co-Founded by Andrew Towl and Billy Bellew, Kinetic Flow is a performing circus arts duo that combines comedy, juggling, acrobatics and more to create engaging, hilarious, and entertaining spectacles for all types of events!


Kinetic Flow goes with the flow and uniquely tailors performances to play to the crowd. Years of experience on stage has allowed them to bring humor to audiences in a variety of forms. They have performed for crowds of all ages which includes 1st birthday parties to late night crowds and specialize in physical comedy, jokes, and audience participation to create a complete experience.

Object Manipulation

Warning, do not try this at home! We are trained professionals with a full bag of tricks to help create a memorable show for you. This bag of tricks include: juggling clubs, knives, torches, whips, or contact juggling. Our goal is to create a show that brings something unexpected and awe inspiring to your event.


Need to add a bit of flair to your event or celebration? How about something a bit more interactive? Kinetic flow not only offers stage performances but is well rehearsed in walk-around entertainment. With a variety costumes and objects with which to entertain and the ability to interact with your guests on a more personal level as well, Kinetic Flow can add one of a kind atmosphere to any gathering from corporate parties to graduation celebrations.